The Final Countdown

28 05 2012

Bonjour All!

The countdown is finally coming to an end! In two days I will be on a plane to Europe to start on my study abroad adventure of a lifetime!

I am one of four students from the University of North Dakota attending the study abroad program held at the ICN Business School in Metz, French. I am lucky to be traveling with my best friend Kelly and two other girls I have gotten to know over the last school year, Miranda and Jess. We will be studying French, International Business, Marketing, and Management, while also learning the history of France with trips to different French cities. During our weekends off we have prepared a few weekend excursions to Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nice, France, Monaco, London, England, and hopefully Rome, Italy. Get excited to see pictures from these amazing cities along the way!


Now that my bags our packed, I am ready to take off!

A bentot!
(Talk to you soon)




4 responses

1 06 2012

Be safe! Have fun! Let the venture begin!

1 06 2012
Pat Brickson

You’ll have a blast, Kyle! Looking forward to seeing your posts.

3 06 2012
Don & Jeanette Kohns

Hopefully by now you have safely landed and are getting settled in Metz..We will be looking forward to your blogs. Treasure the adventure!
Grandma J.

3 06 2012
Kyle Kohns

Hey Grandma! I am currently in the Amsterdam airport. The flight went by really fast and wasn’t too bad. Now just waiting for my next flight to Metz!

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