Planes, trains, and automobiles

3 06 2012

2 juin 2012

Minneapolis International Airport

As I sit on the plane anxiously anticipating take off I look out the window at the Minneapolis International Airport wondering what to expect of the next 15 hours. I’ve never been able to sit still for very long, so thinking about the eight hour plane ride ahead of me, followed by a three hour layover in Amsterdam, Netherlands, hour flight to Luxembourg, Luxembourg, and finally an hour train to Metz, France…is really starting to worry me. I expect my sleeping schedule to be completely messed up by my lack of sleep and inability to fall asleep due anxious excitement for my study abroad experience.

One of my goals during this study abroad experience is to be able to immerse myself into the French and European culture. I want to embrace everything from sitting at a cafe enjoying au latte to learning how to communicate in French. My biggest fear is not being able to get over the language barrier, so hopefully after the four week study abroad program I will accomplish my goal.

Amsterdam International Airport
After the eight hour flight we have arrived at the Amsterdam Intentional Airport! It was surprisingly a very fast and comfortable flight. I also felt like they were continually feeding us throughout the flight, you get your money’s worth I guess!

Boarding the plane in Amsterdam was a little unique I thought. As I walked down to board what I thought was the plane was actually a bus; I must add that it was freezing! I wasn’t expecting North Dakota weather while I was here. It is so cold I can see my breath!

Once all the passengers boarded the plane and the flight attendants spoke over the intercom it slowly sinks in that I am in a foreign country. Hearing them repeat everything in several languages brought me back to high school French class. I remember sitting in a desk listening to old French tapes trying the understand what they were saying; now I am sitting on an airplane trying to actually depict what they are trying to say (at least I have traveled by plane many times and I basically know that entire speech with the hand motions).

Metz, France

Once we arrived at that train station our professor for the next few weeks, Dr. Agostini and his daughter,Victoria, picked us put to drive us to the dorms. For four UND students it took two cars to bring us to the dorms. Cars in Europe are very small! The car barely fits one American suitcase! I do understand now why Americans are known for”super sizing” everything.

After arriving in Metz the exhaustion had kicked in but I still have ten hours before I should fall asleep. I have meet ten other students in the program who attend Illinois State University and Indiana State Pennsylvania University. Half of our program (14 of us) went out to walk around the town and hung out at the local pub. It is exciting getting the know the other students and it makes me more excited for the weeks to come.

Now in the dorms after being up for at least 32 hours it is time for me to go to bed and rest up for the week to come.

Bonsoir (goodnight),
Kyle Ashley








3 responses

3 06 2012

Nigh, Night! Glad you arrive safe.

5 06 2012
Hannah Strid

So exciting to read your blogs Kyle! Keep em coming, have a blast! Can’t wait to see you again soon! – love you Kyle & Kelly!! ❤ Hannah

5 06 2012
Kyle Kohns

Hannah! Oh good I am glad you like them! I will have a new one up tonight with a lot of fun things! There has been a lot of firsts and experiences to talk about! Love you!

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