6 06 2012

6 juin 2012

Salut! (Hi!)

Today went from a very cold and dreary day to a beautiful evening enjoying a French dinner along the river with new friends.

As I stood waiting for the city bus to pick me up from the bus stop, I enjoyed a delicious almond croissant for breakfast under my umbrella as the rain poured down. It rains way more frequently than my wardrobe allows for. Of course I was anticipating Metz to be unbearably hot and sticky without air-conditioning or at least more like Minnesota summers. However, today in French Geography I learned that weather is more in Scandinavia; just a bit further north.

Today we had a Self Image in Europe class. I wasn’t exactly sure what we were going to be learning in this class, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable and interactive class. The professor who taught the class had a very difficult accent to understand, but for some reason it seems to be more entertaining listening to someone who’s English isn’t the best try to passionately communicate the subject they love to teach.

Dr. Ceccarelli, Self Image professor, is extremely knowledgable on business self image and has developed her own company where she educates executives on their self image and stereotypes. What she wanted us to get out of her lecture was how we should dress for success in the business world, especially interviews to give the best first impression. Throughout the two hours I learned the best colors for me to wear, which include cold, light, bright, and silver if you care to know, and what not to wear. I was a bit skeptical of what she was trying to teach us until she performed an in class demonstration on a fellow student. (I have attached a picture of her checking the color pallet on a student in my class below). It was amazing to see how different colors he shouldn’t wear actually bring out a sickly yellow, blue, or grey color in his face. She was right!

I figured Paris, France is one of the major fashion capitals in the world that this lady must be a reliable source to trust. So, of course, when I found the perfect light pink blazer in a European clothing store today I had to purchase it 🙂 .

Our class was invited for a warm welcoming at the city hall this afternoon. We were welcomed by the assistant to the Mayor of Mets who wised for us an enjoyable time studying in the city along with good weather. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of rain the next week! I thought it was so cool that they took the time to invite us into their city hall, welcome us, and offer us a toast. It really is a wonderful city! (Picture of the city hall below).

I have always worried I will be yelled at by a “mad” (crazy as my English professor says) French person and today was the day. This French women yelled at me for a good five minutes before I could even say a word. It was NOT enjoyable. I stood in line at the train station for 20 minutes with five of my friends to get tickets to Tours, France for the weekend. Before I could even say …”Bonjour. Je ne parle pas france. Tu parle angles?” (Hello, I do not speak French. Do you speak English?) the lady started yelling; she must have known I was American. I had even practiced my French as I was waiting in line to try to be as friendly as possible! Tomorrow we are bringing someone we know who knows how to speaks French with us!

The night ended with a very enjoyable dinner at a true French restaurant our professor recommended on the river. It was the cutest little restaurant with an amazing chef who was so kind to come out and talk with us. It was pleasant speaking with him after our terrible experience at the train station! He does think we should be studying food while we are here though, which I kind of am in a way.

Tomorrow we have our first field trip! Visiting the Metz Cathedral and the City of Nancy! More pictures to come!

Kyle Ashley

P.S. Thanks again for reading my blog and leaving comments! I’m glad to know you enjoy it!








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