Cou Cou!

7 06 2012




7 juin 2012

Cou Cou! (Hey!)

Our first field trip day was today and I am exhausted! Tonight I will sleep like a baby from all of the walking around I did. Reminds me of taking field trips when I was in elementary school and being exhausted by the end of the day!

First Stop – Metz Cathedral (Picture below)
This is an extraordinary building filled with elaborate detail! Every inch of the building in carved, sculpted, etched, or stained glass. The stainless glass windows are absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, my pictures do not do it justice! The Metz Cathedral has the most stained glass windows of any cathedral in France. It amazes me how artists were able to spend at least twelve years on one part of the building. The picture of a section of stained glass below is done by one of the many famous artists who worked on this cathedral between 1250 and 1550!

Next – Walking tour of Metz
Each day I venture out in Metz, I discover more parts of this amazing old city. It is neat to see this city, because of how extremely old the architecture is. This city was never destroyed by war, which is why it is so historic. I was able to take many beautiful pictures which I have posted below. I have also found the spot where the photo I have at the top of my blog was taken! (Below is a photo of Kelly and I with the seanery in the background).

Next Stop – Muse Lorrain
This is an art museum in the city of Nancy. There were many interesting pieces of art work, but the highlight was probably the security guard, who looked like a wanna-be James Bond, furiously yelling at us Americans. The thing is, none of us spoke French so no one could understand him. Our professor was extremely mad at the security guards for following us around like a hawk; it’s not like we could just take a masive 18 foot painting off the wall and walk out! Those security guards are the ones who give the sterotype that the French don’t like Americans.

Next Stop – Place Stan
This is a beautiful square in the city of Nancy! We enjoyed some gelato in the squre taking pictures next to the magnicifent gold fountains!

Next – Choo Choo Train
Finally I can rest my feet! The cobble stones really start to get to you after walking around the city so long. It was nice to see a tour of the city and how the architecture is different than Metz, but it began to thunderstorm…

Finally – Nancy ICN Business School
Right when I got to France my professor told me the French eat three meals a day and do NOT snack! Well, it seems to be every visit we have had they provide the most delcious snacks for us! They must just know Americans enjoy to eat their afternoon snacks!

After a packed day visiting many different cities, everyone was exhausted. We decided to stay in so we can rest up for our weekend excursion to Tours, France! We will be visiting a winery and many famous chateaux! Leonardo De Vinci even lived in one for a few years along with other French monarchy!

Look for updates on Sunday or Monday of the weekend!
Bonne buit (goodnight!)
Kyle Ashley










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8 06 2012
Robert Kohns

I like the pictures! Keep smiling.


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