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17 06 2012


15 juin 2012

Cou Cou!!

Sorry I have been MIA the last few days, but I have been extremely busy and haven’t had the opportunity to catch you up on my French Adventures without having wifi everywhere.

Here is a quick catch-up on my week adventure…

School ~
This week, we had a couple of French classes along with a few European study classes. It was really not too stressful at all and actually pretty enjoyable. The biggest event school-wise was our first exam that went really well. It helped studying with everyone in the class because otherwise it would have been very difficult.

Art Exhibit! ~
Last weekend when I was on the train back from Tours there was a lady around 25 years old sitting across from my friend and I. Then we had a lovely surprise when we saw the next person on the train. It was our mother duckling, Mademoiselle! The excitement we had when we saw her was indescribable (I know it sounds silly, but we literally talked about her all weekend about how grateful we were to have met her!) Luckily, there was another seat in our section for her to join us in conversation during our train ride and to tell her how thankful we were for her help.

The 25 year old that we had sitting with us is the nicest girl who recently graduated from art school in Metz, France. She informed us on all the good places to go out to eat and places to stay away from. When we were about to get off the train she gave us all invitations to her art exhibit!

Thursday night after a long day of class and our exam, we got all dressed up to visit her exhibit. It took a while to figure out exactly how to get to the gallery. The reason being was because it had a very unique entrance. There was a bedroom window that opened up to the showing; it was a completely white room with a bed and a few photographs on the wall. This was the gallery! As we crawled through the window we found our new friend (Pusha is her name, and she is originally from Romania). As we crawled through the window you could see the excitement on her face that we actually came and she immediately greeted us with a kiss on each cheek (In France this is the common way of greeting friend). For her to greet me in this way makes me feel as though I am immersed and accepted into the French culture.

Pusha is a very talented artist. She primarily was a painter, but this project she spent two months in Paris putting together was all photography. Her family is from Romania and in her village, religion and traditions are extremely important. Each family has some sort of sanctuary set up, which is in a bedroom, living room, or dinning room, where a religious painting is hung up. This area of the house is for birth, marriage, and death. Her photographs were centered around this one religious painting. She would ask people if they would allow her to take a picture of their space to show how everyone uses different spaces, but are all centered around the same religious belief. After taking many photos in the homes of people from her village, she decided to go to Paris. Paris is a very diverse city, but many people are still very religious within their homes. In her art exhibit, the photographs were hanging on the walls of all the different bedrooms that had a religious sanctuary. It was so interesting seeing how the exhibit space fit in so well because she made it actually a bedroom. Her passion for her work is so intriguing. I can tell how much she enjoys what she does and thinks about every detail. Meeting her opened my eyes to the French culture and how may peoples lives revolve around the arts. (Picture with her at the exhibit below).

This weekend I headed off with Kelly, Miranda, Jess, and Caroline to Amsterdam! The blog will be posted tomorrow with a few pictures from the weekend!

Kyle Ashley




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