à bientôt Metz!

20 06 2012

20juin 2012

à bientôt Metz! (See you soon)

It’s crazy to believe just 18 days ago I arrived in Metz, France. This historic town has treated me incredibly well. It introduced me to the wonderful French culture and taught me more than I ever imagined. I have been introduced to amazing friends, wonderful professors, and the most inspiring people. This experience isn’t nearly over with still many cities to visit, things to learn, and people to meet.

The past few days in Metz, I have logged many hours in the classroom learning french and management in Europe. While outside the classroom, I have continued to enjoy the French culture walking around the city, watching the French vs. Sweden Football game, and eating a french lunch accompanied by friends. Finally, to top off my last day in Metz, I enjoyed a delicious French dessert that I had my eye on since day one from the local boulangerie (chocolate/pastry) shop.

After a long night of laundry, packing, and cramming for my final exam it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is a long day of classes, a final exam, a class party, and then off to the train station. Destination: Nice, France. This weekend will be spent on the Mediterranean beaches enjoying HOT HOT SUN and long days!

It could be a few days before I can post again. Monday I leave for Brussels, Belgium for a week long roadtrip.

Au Revoir Metz!
Kyle Ashley




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