Last Day of Classes

24 06 2012


21 juin 2012

Today was the last say of classes. It started off bright and early at 6:30. Hopefully this is the last day I will have to wake up that early!

I had my final French class with my favorite professor here. I spoke of him earlier, Dr. Ganglogg, and he is still my favorite professor. He makes the 8AM classes enjoyable to wake up to. His ability to involve the class, while cracking jokes, helps make the leaning environment enjoyable. I leaned not only French, but also about the French culture and traditions from him.

My final class for the program was Human Resource Management. The professor for this class is originally from Canada, and she is able to relate many business customs to America and France. Her class gave me more of an insight into what Human Resource Managers do. This is definitely a field of management I now have to consider.

The last part of the day was taking the final examination. The exam was much more difficult than I anticipated. It was a combination of material from the first week and every class this week. With our long day of classes it is difficult finding time to study. Especially, when it is important to experience the French culture at night and not just sit in the dorm rooms.

Off to the train station I go! My destitution is Nice, France which is located in the south of France along the Mediterranean Sea! In order to get there the best way is to take an overnight train, a 12 hour train ride!

The train ride really isn’t too bad. The chairs recline so it is relatively easy to sleep. After a busy three weeks of going, going, going I am exhausted enough to fall fast asleep.

Bonne nuit! (Goodnight)
Kyle Ashley

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24 06 2012
Robert Kohns

Dad always enjoys all your posts! Thanks for keeping me up to date.

24 06 2012

Have fun Kyle!! I so enjoy reading about all of your adventures! I know that looking back you’ll be glad that you wrote all of this down! xoxoxoxoxo

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