Nice is Nice!

25 06 2012


22 juin 2012

We have arrived in Nice at 9:30 and it’s time to hit the beach! It is hot here, real HOT! I haven’t been in the sun since school got out and my body is not prepared for this. I had expected the weather in Metz to be hot, but it was nothing but cold and rainy!

With my bag on my back, I’m all set to walk to our hostel. It should not be too bad of a walk, but it is extremely hot out and the hostel is up the hill.

After what seems like forever, sweaty and tired, we get lost trying to find our hostel. Wherever we were did not look like the most friendly part of town. I walked into a small supermarket to ask the owner for help. He did NOT speak one word of English, so I tried my best with the three weeks of French I just had. Finally, 20 minutes later, he was so kind to call our hostel for help. They ended up sending a van to pick us up and settled us in! Once again we have someone up there looking after us!

First thing first, we put on our bathing suit and head to the beach! The water is beautiful! The most turquoise clear I have ever seen! The beach is also unique, because it is all pebbles and rocks. I want to do nothing more than jump in! I did, and of course I forgot how much the salt water hurts my eyes… It was still amazing laying out all afternoon, enjoying the sun and sound of the waves crashing in. The beach was a great place to people watch and see how people behave in different countries. Laying out on the beach in the south of France is definitely NOT the same in America, but maybe Miami.

At night we went to Le Lodge, which was an amazing Italian restaurant. I had the most delicious home made lasagna, while I listened to live music. There is no food I enjoy more than Italian! With Italy so close there are many options to pick from. It is too bad our plans don’t allow us to head to Italy for a few days; I’ve always wanted a plate of spaghetti and Italian meatballs in Rome!

It was then time to call it a night.
Bonne Nuit,
Kyle Ashley

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