Cannes Beach

26 06 2012


23 juin 2012

The hostel we are staying in is amazing!!!! It was voted the number 1 hostel in France and I could not agree more! I woke up well rested, had a delicious breakfast, and was ready to hit the beach!

Off to Cannes, France I go! It’s only a quick scenic train ride away. As I looked out the window the beautiful blue sea, I couldn’t wait to put my feet in the sand! Far out in the distance there are many large cruise ships, sail boats, and even jet skis! (I would be a bit afraid of falling off way out there).

When arriving in Cannes there are many people with their beach bags in hand! Not exactly knowing how to get to the beach, it was easy to find by following the crowd.

It’s amazing! (Beach photo below). The beach goes on forever in either direction! People everywhere and from so many different countries. The water is the perfect temperate and the sun is hot. I swam out to a large island of rocks with a few girls. We laid out and watched as cruise ships came in, speed boats pulled wakeboarders, and people swam in the ocean. It’s amazing how peaceful and relaxing it is, while at the same time full of energy and excitement.

I don’t want to leave this place. As much as this is a relaxing weekend, I do still feel I’m learning so much just people watching. Americans are all about the go, go, go, fast pace lifestyle that they never take the time to just stop and breath. It’s incredible how much more you see when you just observe your surroundings and take everything in, rather than just looking through a camera lens and keep on going.

At night we went out to the “Old Town” (photo of the crowded streets below) were we at in the middle of the square surrounded by football (soccer) fans. The big game, France vs Spain, was on and there is no better way to show patriotism in Europe than to cheer for your country. Unfortunately, I think I am bad luck. It was the second game I have watched and the second time they have lost…. Still it was an enjoyable night with my friends.

Bonne Nuit!
Kyle Ashley

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