Brussels, Belgium

29 06 2012


25 juin 2012

After 20 hours of traveling I arrived in Brussels. Yes, that was 20 hours of being on a train and bus!

My friends and I met up with the rest of our class and we attended a couple speakers at the European Council. We had a couple classes already about the European Union, but it was interesting to see where the action takes place. (Photos below).

For dinner all of us ate a family style dinner provided by the hostel, which was surprisingly really good. Then our professor, Dr. Agostini, showed us around the downtown areas of Brussels. The city is a mixture of new and old architecture, but in the area we ventured into, it had historic buildings covered in gold. (Photos below).

You may have heard Belgium is known for a few things including: Belgium Chocolate, Belgium Waffels, and Belgium Beer. I was able to taste each of these while I was here. Now I understand why they are known for them.

At the chocolate store they gave me a truffle sample, which instantly melted in my mouth. I tried to savor the taste as long as I could, then decided it would be best to just buy some to take home.

In my family we love to eat waffles, so of course there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to eat a Belgium waffle in Belgium. I was already full so I went with a simple waffle with powdered sugar and was not let down. If there was a way to take those home, I would have! (Photo below).

Finally, Belgium is known for beer. I am not much of a beer connoisseur, but my friend did get a chocolate beer that was surprisingly delicious. I would consider it a delicious dessert.

I’m ‘chocolated’ out and still exhausted from all the traveling. My next destination is Normandy, France.

Salut! (Bye)
Kyle Ashley







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