Le Mont St. Michael

29 06 2012

28 juin 2012

Today, I visited Le Mont Saint Michael Cathedral. It is built on a massive rock surrounded by a village and a body of water. It dates back to 708 and continued being built and renovated until 1874. This beautiful monument has managed to avoid being destructed by war, natural disasters, and age.

My business class and I had a tour of Mont Saint Michael, but getting to it was not fun. This cathedral is built on a massive rock and there are two ways to get there, bus or boat. It is unique because when the tide is high you can only arrive by boat, and when it is low the best way is by bus. Today the tide was low, but the weather was HOT! Once we got there, our challenge was climbing the stairs to the top and none of us were dressed appropriately for hot and humid weather. It was almost as hot and sticky as Monaco.

Once I cooled down I was able to enjoy the architecture of this historic building and the village surrounding it. An interesting fact is that Disney princess castles and the castle at Disney World are based after Le Mont Saint Michael!

Tonight is the last night in our cozy, cottage-like hostel and tomorrow we finally head to Paris!!

Au revoir Normandy!
Kyle Ashley




2 responses

29 06 2012

So amazing! I just LOVE all of your posts! When do you come home? What has been your favorite French food? You’ll have to somehow find some Yanks and whoop is up for the 4th of July! xoxoxoxox

30 06 2012
Kyle Kohns

Thanks Laura! I get home on July 10th. Currently I am in Paris and on July 5th I head to London. Umm, well I’m not sure I have a favorite entree but all there really is in France is bread, cheese, and wine haha.

I’ll for sure be celebrating the 4th some how I’m just not sure how yet haha. Not too many American flags around here.

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