29 06 2012


24 juin 2012

Today we decided to visit the country of Monaco! It’s the most scenic train ride along the Mediterranean! The mountains lead right into the sea, creating coves with clear blue water where people swim and yacht’s sit anchored. This location seems so surreal and like no place I’ve ever been which makes it hard to describe its beauty.

Directly out of the train station door is the Monaco harbor(photo below). There are elaborate yachts with Rolls Royces parked on the docks. The wealth of the city is quite evident. As I continue walking along the sea, I turn to face the city built into the mountainside; each building is built to view the endless sea.

Monte-Carlo is known for a few things and one of them is their casino. After a dress code check, no shorts or flip-flops, I was able to enter, but not some of my friends. The best word to describe it is, wow. My mouth dropped to the floor in amazement. This casino isn’t very big but the details etched into the gold on the walls, crystal chandeliers, and decorative bars could take hours to look at. (Photos of the front and back of the casino below).

Out visit in Monaco was quick due to the heat and how expensive it is. It was almost unbearable how hot it was when we were just walking around. Then when we wanted to get something to eat and drink the price was ridiculous, one restaurant, for example, was 90€ for a bowl of soup!

On the train ride back to Nice, my friend, Caroline ended up getting stuck in the bathroom. The door would not open! I really had no idea how to get her out and on trains there aren’t any workers usually around for help. Quickly, a guy sitting down, who didn’t speak any English, came to the rescue. I’m sure the panic on our face was a universal clue we needed help. We ended up missing our stop to the beach, but in the end everything worked out well and we got Caroline out safety!

Au revoir Monaco and Nice!
Kyle Ashley







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