29 06 2012

27 juin 2012

Today was a very busy, educational, and an emotional day visiting three different sites dedicated to World War II (WWII). These three sites are a memorial to the people who died during the war and in past historic tragedies.

First stop was the German Battery of Longues Sur Mer. This battle ground has three large cannons that are still standing. They face the Normandy Sea where the battles of D-Day took place along the Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword, and Utah Beaches. Standing behind the enormous cannons and seeing where the soldiers would bunk at night was an eye opening experience. These soldiers are brave soles who fought in deep honor for their country. (photos below).

Next stop was where many of these heroic soldiers where put to rest. The place dedicated to the American Soldiers is The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. There are around 9,500 soldiers buried there amongst beautiful gardens, statues, and a chapel. Listing to the many stories of the soldiers who lived through the war, talking about their fellow friends who passed away is extremely emotional. These soldiers didn’t just fight for their country, but for the ones who died fighting in it. (photos below).

Every Latin Cross or Star of David that is dedicated to a soldier is perfectly aline in every direction I turn. Down the hill is Omaha Beach where the American Troops fought on D-Day, June 6, 1944. The waves are calm and the beach is endless. This made it easy for the infantry to come access the land from the sea. Visiting this memorial cemetery makes me even more appreciative of being an American citizen. (photos below).

The last stop for the day was Le MĂ©morial de Caen. This museum is filled with artifacts from historic events around WWII and Adolf Hitler. I recall reading about these horrible events in world history class. However, there is something about visiting the museum that makes everything come together; to realize why it is so important to learn about these horrific events in history and to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. (photos below).

In the evening I went for a run in the village outside Caen, where I am staying in. It is a beautiful little area with small French cottages in the middle of nowhere. Our hostel doesn’t have wifi so everyone has resorted to making up games, painting nails, and listening to our professor play guitar. It’s amazing how technology has changed what people do in their free time.

Tomorrow I head to Mont Saint Michael.
Bonne Nuit,
Kyle Ashley.








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