Versailles & Montmartre

2 07 2012



30 juin 2012

I don’t even know where to begin! Today I went to Versailles and it was by far my favorite visit and now my favorite city in France. As we approached the Palace of Versailles where the reign of Louis The Fourteenth, followed by many others, lived. The outside of the palace is surrounded by massive gold gates and is a city in of itself. I have never been to a museum that is still completely furnished and detailed from floor to ceiling! Every room I stepped into my mouth dropped. The lavish ceiling paintings are like nothing I have ever seen or could ever imagine. There is so much history through every single room it is hard to take it all in at once.

After I walked through The Palace of Versailles, I went to the “back yard” to walk through the Gardens of Versailles. The gardens were just as lavish and detailed as the inside of the palace! It was amazing how much thought and detail they have put into everything from the trees, grass, and ponds. In most of the ponds there was usually a sculpture, but two stood out the most. The longest pond had many row boats and along the side there were bleachers, I assume for races. The pond that caught my attention the most had a water show that went along with the music. It was an enjoyable afternoon in the gardens and I wish I would have the time to go back and spend more time there!

In the evening my class went to Montmartre. This part of Paris is way up on the hill. This is another area where you can look out at the vast city from a birds-eye view. Montmartre is a little village in itself. This village is where most famous artists have started there work and where many aspiring artists start. As I walked through and around the square, there were many people getting their portrait done from one of the many different artists. I, however, ended up finding an canvas painting of Paris that I couldn’t get my eye off of and for a great price!

On our way back to our hostel we stopped by Moulin Rouge and walked the streets near bye. This part of Paris is by far the most “unique” area of France I have been so far. The streets are very dirty and it is not the most welcoming. There haven’t been too many areas that I felt uncomfortable, or worried about being pickpocketed until I walked down these streets. At least we had our professor with us!

Then it was time for the final goodbyes 😦 . Many of the people in my class headed home in the morning. It is crazy to think that many of them I will probably never see again in my life but experienced an adventure of a lifetime with. I said my goodbyes to Dr.Agostini and thanked him for all he did the last month. I have him to thank for providing an enjoyable study abroad experience and teaching me so much about European culture.

Merci Dr. Agostini!
Kyle Ashley








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