Paris by Foot

3 07 2012


Today I spent the day walking around the beautiful city of Paris. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. The first stop of the morning was to La Fayettie. This department store is massive with six floors! It is also the second most visited attraction in Paris having 100,000 people visiting it day; first most visited is the Musee du Louvre. It was a bit overwhelming with so many shoppers, but it is all about the experience shopping there.

Next I saw the Arc de Triomphe Etoile (photo above) before walking down the Champs Elysées. It is a beautiful arc, but not much else to do but look at it. At the park in front of the Louvre we sat at pond to relax. After all the waking I have been doing the last few days, it was finally nice sit, relax, and people watch. It’s interesting, because everyone in France people watches and everywhere is set up for it. As you walk down the streets, all of the cafés and restaurants face all of their chairs toward the street.

In the afternoon I finally got to walk over the “Locket” Bridge. There were many people putting locks on and throwing the keys into the river, while musicians sat and played music. I was amazed at how many locks covered the bridge and I wish I knew how and when the tradition originally started. (photo of the “love in Paris” lock below).

Walking down smaller streets of Paris I’m amazed at how different every part of town is. The small streets are very quaint with little restaurants, shops, and bakeries. I pasted a pistachio, chocolate, and macron store and was drawn into each one. I had not had a macron until Paris and boy was I missing out! Each one is a different mouth watering flavor! I had to purchased a small box, which is now all eaten. I wish they would last as souvenirs, but unfortunately they just wouldn’t taste as good. (photo of macaroons below).

Palais du Luxembourg and Jardin du Luxembourg was the final visit of the day. I walked into the park and there were grandparents with their grandchildren playing chess, you just don’t see this anymore unless in the movies. Off in the distance there were people playing tennis, basketball, and rugby. Where others just sat and relaxed by the pond or had a picnic on the grass. People in France relax and take every moment of every day in. Being here really opens my eyes to the differences in American and European lifestyles. (photo below of the Palais du Luxembourg).

Tomorrows activity is wine tasting and visiting the Eiffel Tower at night!
Bonnie Nuit,
Kyle Ashley









2 responses

3 07 2012
Nancy Wang

The pictures brought back many fond memories of my last visit to Paris (which was many years ago….)! I enjoyed your writing and pictures – good job!

5 07 2012

I’ve got to go see the Arc de Triomphe Etoile. I’ve never been to France, a trip i’m going to have to make soon, very much enjoying travelling through Paris with you!

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