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4 07 2012


3 juillet 2012

Today was dedicated to living the French lifestyle, mainly because I need a day of rest and relaxation. I woke up well rested for the first time since being in Europe. My friends and I decided after visiting Luxembourg park yesterday that we should have a French picnic! (photo above).

I sat enjoying a baguette and macrons by the pond. The pond was filled with many children and their mini sailboats. Each sailboat was different, usually representing a country except America, and roamed about with the ducks. It reminded me of the movie “Stewart Little.” (photo below).

In the evening I headed to the north end of town for a wine taste class! During my study abroad program we had a class on French cuisines. In this class we also learned about French wine and how important it is to their culture. France is the number one producer of wine with 110,000 vineyards! California is the number one producer in America and doesn’t even come close having only 3,000 vineyards. You may also be surprised to know even though the majority of French people drink a glass a day, the average amount they spend on a bottle is only 3,61€!

The wine connoisseur this evening said a lot of the same things my French professor taught me, which is reassuring. However, this class also taught me the proper way to check and drink a good glass of wine, couldn’t do that in my actual class. He said it is all about three senses: sight, smell, and of course taste. For the special tests he taught me, you will just have to take a wine class yourself! (picture below).

The last event of the day was walking along the Seine river toward the Eiffel Tower. There are many famous monuments and cruises in the river to look at along the way. As much as walking all day can be exhausting there is so much more to see than taking the metro, as convenient as it may be. (picture below).

I had heard it is amazing to see the Eiffel Toward at night and now I know why. Every hour, on the hour, it twinkles in the night sky. This twinkle is not like your basic Christmas lights, but more like a bunch of mini strobe lights. It was mesmerizing to see and a great way to end my French day. (picture below).

Bonne Nuit,
Kyle Ashley

P.S. happy 4th of July!!
P.P.S. I am off to London bright and early tomorrow!








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