Her Majesty the Queen

9 07 2012


8 juillet 2012

Today was a laid back day. My friends and I were able to cross everything off our London Bucket list so quickly with our bus tour, that today we decided to just walk around exploring the city.

When I am able to take the time to step off the main roads in tourist cities, I am able to see the city in a totally different light. There aren’t as many tourist, and life is much simpler. Many people off to work doing their daily chores. I was surprised at how quiet all the neighborhoods were, but I was pretty far off the beaten path.

In the afternoon I had a reservation to meet Her Majesty the Queen for tea at Buckingham Palace! Okay I wish, but my friends and I did get the last tickets to visit the state rooms in the Palace until the end of July. When the Queen is home she doesn’t care for people wondering around it, I don’t blame her!

Her palace is absolutely breath taking. There is so much fine history in every room with many portraits of the royal family dating back centuries ago. As you walk through the different state rooms (rooms the public is allowed to see) you can tell which royal reign designed it. I learned so much about the royal family history and about Queen Elizabeth II. I was pleased to hear how involved and detail oriented she is when it comes to entertaining her guests. For example, every dinner party she has, she makes sure the table is set just right, the menu is perfectly written (in French), and that it meets every guests food allergies. I sure wish I could dine with the Queen.

This year was the mark of the Queen’s Royal Jubilee. This Royal event marks her 60 year reign as Queen. She is the second queen to receive this, after her mother Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years. This was a special time to visit her palace because they have displayed the royal jewels she wore during her Jubilee Celebration for the public to see.

The jewels were beyond sparkly. There were many jewelry pieces that dated back to the 1700s that the Queen still wears for royal ceremonies. I am so happy I was lucky enough to come when the Palace was open and her Jewels on display (Unfortunately no photos are allowed to be take in the Palace).

M&M World! I didn’t really plan on visiting this four story building filled with M&M’s, but I’m glad I found it! There were so many different colors, and many different types of merchandise. I just stuck to the delicious chocolate. They had four M&M’S walking in a line like the Beatles did on Abbey Road, where I was yesterday! (photo below).

Nighty nighty,
Kyle Ashley









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