Ice Ice Baby

9 07 2012


7 juillet 2012

Bright and early I woke up so I could get a good spot for the changing of the guards! I arrived at Buckingham Palace where Her Majesty the Queen lives! It is a massive palace with beautiful gates surrounding it. This would also be where the guards with fuzzy tall black hats stand. I was hoping I would get to make funny face or tell jokes to make them laugh, but I wasn’t able to get that close. I did however, have a prime spot along the gate to watch as they did the Changing of the Guards. I really didn’t know what to expect of the process, but it takes awhile with so many different things going on.

There were guards who played instruments, and knights who road in on horses. Every guard was in perfect form and sharp with their motions. I think it would be a difficult job, just because you have to stand still and in line with so many other guards!

Coming to London there was only one street road I knew I wanted to go to. This road would be Abbey Road, where The Beatles had one of their album cover photos taken! After walking a long way from Buckingham Palace my friend and I made it! It really isn’t as spectacular as I anticipated it being. There is Abbey Studio and along the wall people sign their name. I thought it would at least have something in honor of the band that made the road famous, but it didn’t. I did get a good picture crossing the road like The Beatles, after many tries and dodging many cars (they have to hate traveling this road).

In the evening it was time to celebrate my best friends 21st birthday! Turing 21 isn’t as exciting for Europeans as it is for Americans, but I wanted her to have an amazing 21st birthday while we were here! The plan was to go to the original Hard Rock Café, but when we got there it was a three hour wait :(. We still ended up having a delicious dinner down the street, but the real excitement was still to come!

Friends of mine who have previously studied abroad told me about the ICEBAR LONDON. What better occasion to go for then a 21st birthday! This bar is made out of pure ice from Scotland, then shipped to different locations to make bars and hotels. Yes you can sleep in pure ice for the night in -5 degree temperatures.
It was a frigid experience that only lasted about 25 minutes, worth trying at least once in your life.

I’m missing speaking French, slipped up a few times with saying merci, so tonight.
Bonne Nuit,
Kyle Ashley











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9 07 2012
Robert Kohns

Great story! I want to see the photos but they didn’t load. Dad

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