9 07 2012


5 juillet 2012

I woke up bright and early at 4:45 this morning and caught the underground train to London, England. It was a quick ride under the ocean with my ears popping along the way. When I stepped out the train doors I was welcomed by the Olympic rings! (photo of Olympic Rings below). I thought how exciting is it that I am in London, England!! I have the next five days packed with things to do and places to see. This excitement turned into a nightmare for my friends and I…

First problem, none of my credit cards would work. Not knowing exactly why, or having a phone readily available frightened me. My friends reassured me everything would be okay and they would lend me money. So off we go to take the Underground.

Stairs, stairs, and more stairs and adding to that was my 50 pound plus bag and carry on. Not ideal for the London train station. So off my friends and I go onto the metro, should be easy being we mastered Paris, and in a few stops we will be at our hostel!

When we were getting onto one of the metro carts there were so many nice gentleman who would quickly help us get our bags on before the doors closed. Whew, so I though. We get off the metro and we look down and my friend notices she was pick-pocketed! We have all been so careful everywhere we have come that how could something like this happen?! Especially to her, because she is the mother duckling of us all.

First I was in shock, this didn’t just happen. Her passport, camera, credit cards, and £200, around $350, just like that, gone! Where do we even begin to make everything better? After everything has gone so well the last month it must have been too good to be true.

We called her mom, dad, credit card companies, the US Embassy, then arrived at our hostel to figure out our game plan. The game plan failed miserable and we were sent on a wild goose chase around London. My body hates me, especially my feet! It was a long three hours of accomplishing nothing. Our hope was quickly disintegrating. We weren’t able to print a colored passport, can’t get into the embassy until Monday morning (we leave Tuesday), and everyone sent us in the wrong direction. Then slowly everything came together. The the security guards at the embassy were so helpful, kind and even a bit funny, even if they did have numerous guns on them.

In the end we just have to remember the five of us are in it together. We watch each others back and do everything we can, but unfortunately thieves are out there dressed in disguise.

I’m am so thankful I am traveling with such great friends. None of us were backing down until everything was solved no matter how long or hard it was.

Let’s pray that was rock bottom and there is nowhere to go but up,
Kyle Ashley





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