Paris Through My Eyes

9 07 2012


4 juillet 2012

I feel as though I have concurred Paris, as I look back on the last six days. There are so many places I wanted to visit and I ended up seeing far more. Paris is an amazing city with great diversity. This is the busiest city I have ever been to by far. I knew it would be pack with people from my first experience at the train station. Packed like sardines into a very hot and smelly metro cart, not the most enjoyable experience.

The first place I visited was the Eiffel Tower and it exceeded my exceptions. My journey continued on to a cruise down the Seine River, Versailles, Montmartre, Le Louvre, Luxembourg Park, wine tasting, and many monuments along the way. I feel I have concurred my goal, of being independent and figuring out a city in a foreign country. I also am very proud that I mastered the metro system, that was the biggest challenge in Paris.

Through my eyes on my European adventure in Paris I would say it is very stereotypical. The stereotype that Paris is the city of love is definitely true. I always thought people just said it, but it actually really describes this city. Their culture is a lot more accepting to PDA of all ages! It’s strange, because when people say goodbye to their loved ones, they say goodbye in the way that seems like they will never see them again. When I was at the train station, I looked out the window of my cart and would see family members standing outside waving to their loved one as the train pulled out of the station. I thought it was so bizarre and at the same time so sweet. I know in America it is difficult these days to do that at the airport, but we still don’t show our love and appreciation for people as much as we should. Not saying we need as much PDA as Paris though!

The next stereotype is the French smell. Let me tell you this is Extremely true!Walking through the subway it always smelt like sewer and urination. Then every time I road the metro I felt like I was standing in a hot box of B.O. , shower was always needed ASAP!

French cruise is very hit or miss depending on what you prefer. Our cafeteria cuisines where not my favorite. Very bland with minimal flavors, bread and cheese was always a consistent option though. France doesn’t however have delicious desserts! Macrons are what they are famous for and they are indeed the most delicious treat I have ever had. On the last day in Paris I was able to try a crêpe and it was the best treat after dinner.
Overall my time in Paris was well spent. I saw so many places and was able to engage in the French culture. This city is one you could come back to many times and I hope in my future I will be able to.

Au revoir Paris!!
A benoît!
Kyle Ashley







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