Princess Diana

9 07 2012


5 juillet 2012 – Afternoon

The clouds passed over and the sun slowly came out. My nightmare of a morning turned into a beautiful afternoon spent in the parks. Hyde Park and Kensington Park are huge areas of land filled with many outdoor activities. I sat with my friends by the pond, watching row boats paddle by and children feeding the swans.

Kensington Park was a short journey to the other side of the pond where we went to Princess Diana’s Fountain. It isn’t and ordinary fountain you would suspect, but it is more like a wadding stream. It is intended to relax and put your feet in. My feet felt ten million times better after sitting there for awhile. (picture standing in the fountain).

We decided we needed to do something fun after such a stressful morning. So we headed over to the London Eye. This massive ferris wheel is the best way to see all of London. I was able to look out in all directions to see the best view of all the buildings and monuments. I must say it was a little terrifying looking over the Thames River below! (photo of the London Eye below).

Now back to my crowded eight room hostel to call it an early night. Today was by far the most exhausting day.

Kyle Ashley









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