The Original Tour

9 07 2012


6 juillet 2012

Today went ten times better than yesterday! I am now starting to really enjoy my time in London and the city itself. Yesterday I had very mixed feelings, just because of my friend being pickpocketed right when we arrived.

My friends heard the best way to see all of the famous monuments was through The Original Bus Tour. It is a quick hop-on hop-off pass that allows us to see the monuments and learn a bit about the city along the way. There were so many places we saw throughout the day including: Big Ben Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Globe, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Marble Arch, and Harrods. (photos below).

Taking the red double-decker bus was the perfect way to get the best view of the buildings. There was also a tour guide that told us interesting facts. A few them that stuck in my mind had to do with the Marble Arch Square. Where this monument is, is where they used to execute people! It was a huge town event with lots of drinking involved. At one time they were able to hang 21 people! There are two phrases you many recognize that came from this: “Take one for the road” and “hangover.” “Take one for the road,” is what they would say when someone had their last drink before they were executed. The term “hangover” was created, because after someone was hung there would be parties where people would drink all night, and of course the next morning not feel too well. Then, creating the term “hangover.”

Many of the other monuments were exciting to finally see. The Tower Bridge especially, because currently it has the Olympic Rings on it in preparation for the Olympic games at the end of the month! (photo below from cruise).

Harrods was the last destination which is the most elaborate department store I have ever been to! One of my professors from my study abroad program said I must visit it while I am in London, even if I don’t plan on buying anything. Even if I wanted to, there is no way I could afford anything in the building! It is filled with the top designers of the world. They have everything from fashion, home furniture, electronics, and food. Walking through was like walking through the Palace of Versailles. I was in shocked and amazement walking through every area. It was a shopping experience I never could have imagined. If you ever are London this is the only shopping place you need to go to!
Lots of photos of the monuments I visited below! (photo with the Harrods Bear below).

As the British say…
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