I see London Pants

11 07 2012


10 juillet 2012

London, England is a wonderful city filled with so much history. To me London fits right in the middle of being America and European. Many things are the same, which makes traveling there easier, but everything is opposite which can be confusing. I love the fact they have kept to their traditions and customs with the Royal family.

Currently I am sitting on my flight back to the United States. (Although my friends and I did try to “accidentally” get on a flight to Rome.) I have a mixed feeling of emotions, just as I came to Europe with. I’m sad to be leaving and wish I had the time and money to stay longer. I’m excited to get home to see my family. I’m grateful for having such an amazing experience, but I am also very anxious for what my future entails.

Studying abroad is an experience I knew I wanted to have since I was in high school. One of my very good friends was an exchange student from Finland and she inspired me to travel the world. Many Europeans are introduced a huge world filled with cultural diversity. For me, growing up in the same city my entire life, I felt I never had that experience. Today I can say I am more culturally diverse. I say only more, because I feel there is always room to learn more about the diversity and cultures of the world.

Through my eyes, my European adventure was extremely successful. I have learned everything from the European Union, French and European culture, French cuisine and wine, and the Paris metro system. I went to Europe for a study abroad experienced, but I left with a life experience.

It is hard to explain what studying abroad can do for you, because everyone’s experience is different. I can say it is an experience you should never pass up if you have the opportunity. Study abroad has opened my future up to endless possibilities and I’m excited for the next chapter of my life adventures.

Thank you all so much for following me the last few weeks. I am sorry I wasn’t able to consistently keep you updated towards the end.

Kyle Ashley

P.S. Check out my London Pants I will be wearing during the Olympics!






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