11 07 2012


9 juillet 2012

If you have been keeping up with my blog you would have read about my friend being pick-pocketed when we arrived in London. Out of everything stolen, her passport was the hardest to take care of. Four days after the incident she was able to make an appointment with the US Embassy in London (only one not on US territory if you didn’t know).

I went along as a witness, her piggy bank, and her moral support. The entire process took about three hours. It consisted of waiting in line, waiting in waiting rooms, and more waiting. It really wasn’t too terrible, I just tried to keep my friend distracted from thinking she would never get home. Without her having another form of identification it seemed to take longer then necessary, but eventually they issued her a temporary passport! Note: Whenever you travel have multiple colored copies of your passport, in separate areas.

Tonight was the last night with my four travel companions. It was a night of celebrating our friends 21st birthday, saying goodbye to our new friend (Caroline from Illinois), and reminisce about our many adventures studying abroad. Over a delicious dinner, we shared many funny stories from the last five and a half weeks. As I sat around the table with my friends, I couldn’t help but feel a little down thinking about saying goodbye and heading back home. I can’t imagine traveling with anyone else, and I couldn’t have imagined I would become such good friends along our amazing journey.

After dinner we walked across the street to “Her Majesty’s Theater” for the “Phantom of the Opera”. The theater isn’t very big, but very quaint and beautiful. From the very beginning of the play I was blown away by the talent of the main characters in the cast. Wow, the main character, Cathrine, had a voice with some pipes! Everything about the play was outstanding from the cast, props, set, and theater. Even though I was sitting in the “nose bleeds” I felt I had the best seat in the house.

Once we were all back to our hostel, packed up for our next adventures we headed for bed. It was difficult for us all to fall asleep, so we all stayed up sharing the funniest moments of the trip and inside jokes we have. It was the perfect sleeping aid to fall asleep.

Kyle Ashley





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